Zach Walker

Zach Walker

Founder / Realtor®️

  • Office: 256-808-8070
  • Office Location: Athens, Alabama

About Zach Walker

Zach Walker is the founder and CEO of the Revolved Realty Group. 

Zach has a background in private real estate investing and began his journey to become a licensed realtor with an entirely different plan than to open a retail real estate company. 

As he began to understand the market landscape nationwide and locally he identified a huge segment of the market that believed they either didn’t need a Realtor to sell their home, or they resented the commission being paid to agents to simply list the home. 

Technology has been a force of change across various market segments, and those who evolve and adapt have always been positioned to serve the customer with a better toolset than those who become stuck in the past. 

The numbers spoke for themselves; 87% of home purchases last year were found, by the buyer, online via various websites that mirror the NALMLS system that realtors use to list and find homes. 

All Zach had to do was listen to the market, and thus Real Estate Evolved was born.  Zach created this company to provide clients with a full service brokerage to list and sell your home for one, easy to understand flat-fee.