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    Revolved Renovations

    Revolved Renovations pays cash for homes with no costs to the seller, closing in as little as seven days. Watch this video to learn how we can pay you cash for our home.


    The kinds of properties we buy:

    Distressed Properties
    We specialize in helping home owners who are facing personal financial hardship and must sell their home quickly. We understand your situation and  can help you through the hard times with a cash offer on your property.

    Family Properties
    If you have inherited or are responsible for a home in disrepair that belongs to a family member  we can help. We specialize in buying such homes and can ease your burden quickly and professionally at no cost to you.

    What Kind Of Properties Do We Buy
    While we focus on single-family homes, we also buy townhomes, condos, duplexes and four-plexes. We will also consider commercial properties like apartment buildings, office complexes, business parks, warehouses, and any type of property or acreage.

    Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation
    Interested in selling your home for cash in as little as seven days? Call or text us today at 256-679-0704 or email and we’ll reply as quickly as possible.